T. H. van der Meer

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This paper presents the experimental investigation of the application of an image restoration technique aimed at improving the accuracy of infrared surface temperature measurements of cubes placed in a vertical channel flow. These cubes, used to determine distributions of the local heat transfer coefficient, show large spatial temperature gradients. The(More)
In this paper the acoustic stability of a premixed turbulent natural gas flame confined in a combustor is investigated. Specifically when the flame is operated in a lean premixed mode, the thermoacoustic system is known to exhibit instabilities. These arise from a feedback mechanism between the oscillatory flow and heat release rate perturbations in the(More)
A concentric gas-to-gas heat exchanger is designed for application as a recuperator in the domestic boiler industry. The recuperator recovers heat from the exhaust gases of a combustion process to preheat the ingoing gaseous fuel mixture resulting in increased fuel efficiency. This applied study shows the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)(More)
Steady state and transient heat transfer is a very important aspect of any combustion process. To properly simulate gas to wall heat transfer in a turbulent flow, an accurate prediction of the flow and the thermal boundary layer is required. A typical gas turbine combustion chamber flow presents similarities with the academic backward facing step case,(More)
The effect of flow separation and turbulence on the performance of a jet pump in oscillatory flows is investigated. A jet pump is a static device whose shape induces asymmetric hydrodynamic end effects when placed in an oscillatory flow. This will result in a time-averaged pressure drop which can be used to suppress acoustic streaming in closedloop(More)
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