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"Crystal methamphetamine" is a crystalline form of amphetamine, the abuse of which is growing rapidly in popularity in Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast. Drug experts and law enforcement officials say that the use of crystal meth is spreading east from California. It may produce permanent addiction and can produce violent schizophrenic behavior. Introduced(More)
OBJECTIVE A bespoke clinical pathway is increasingly often used to expedite patient's recovery after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). The importance and predictors of adherence to a clinical pathway have not been previously investigated. METHODS A defined clinical pathway was used for the perioperative management of 136 consecutive patients(More)
Nonresolution of acute pulmonary embolism and resultant chronic persistent pulmonary occlusion is uncommon; documentation of its occurrence in patients receiving anticoagulants is sparse. We report three cases with hemodynamic data and follow-up of up to seven years. All patients had mild to moderate dyspnea on exertion. All patients had normal resting(More)
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