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INTRODUCTION Chiari-II malformation is a complex set of anatomic abnormalities of the posterior fossa, brainstem, and cerebellum seen in myelomeningocele. Previous studies have tried to understand this condition and its clinical consequences by studying a few fixed anatomic landmarks as dependent variables and clinical symptoms as outcome variables. These(More)
Although the concept of concurrent engineering has been widely applied in the manufacturing industry, there is growing awareness and interest in the adoption of Concurrent Engineering (CE) in the Construction Industry because CE has the potential to make construction projects less fragmented, reduce project duration, improve project quality, reduce total(More)
This paper is to describe a design and fabrication method for a valve-less peristaltic micro-pump. The valve-less peristaltic micro-pump with three membrane chambers in a serial is actuated by three piezoelectric (PZT) actuators. With the fluidic flow design, liquid in the flow channel is pumped to a constant flow speed ranged from 0.4 to 0.48 mm/s. In term(More)
A timeout problem occurs when multiple jobs with increasing data are concurrently competing for limited computing resources. Adopting a particle swarm optimization (PSO) method, this work proposes a parallel processing scheme to improve the efficiency of job execution based on available virtual machines. In this scheme, a map-reduce like architecture with(More)
Citation Adler, D. et al. " Three-dimensional optical coherence tomography of Barrett's esophagus and buried glands beneath neosquamous epithelium following radiofrequency ablation. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract We report three-dimensional (3D) endoscopic(More)
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