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A high performance 65 nm SOI CMOS technology is presented. Dual stress liner (DSL), embedded SiGe, and stress memorization techniques are utilized to enhance transistor speed. Advanced-low-K BEOL for this technology features 10 wiring levels with a novel K=2.75 film in selected levels. This film is a SiCOH-based dielectric optimized for stress to enable(More)
A 10nm logic platform technology is presented for low power and high performance application with the tightest contacted poly pitch (CPP) of 64nm and metallization pitch of 48nm ever reported in the FinFET technology on both bulk and SOI substrate. A 0.053um<sup>2</sup> SRAM bit-cell is reported with a corresponding Static Noise Margin (SNM) of 140mV at(More)
We demonstrate 22 nm node technology compatible, fully functional 0.1 mum<sup>2</sup> 6T-SRAM cell using high-NA immersion lithography and state-of-the-art 300 mm tooling. The cell exhibits a static noise margin (SNM) of 220 mV at V<sub>dd</sub>=0.9 V. We also present a 0.09 mum<sup>2</sup> cell with SNM of 160 mV at V<sub>dd</sub>=0.9 V demonstrating the(More)
A 36 nm pitch BEOL has been evaluated for the 7 nm technology node. EUV lithography was employed as a single-exposure patterning solution. For the first time, it is shown that excellent reliability results can be obtained for Cu interconnects at these small dimensions, by using a TaN/Ru barrier system and a selective Co cap.
A 32 nm BEOL with PVD CuMn seedlayer and conventional PVD-TaN/Ta liner was fully characterized by fundamental, integrated, and reliability methods. CuMn was confirmed to have fundamental advantages over CuAl, such as higher electromigration (EM) reliability for the same Cu line resistance (R). Both low R and high reliability (EM, SM, and TDDB) were(More)
We have demonstrated porous ultra low-K (ULK)/Cu interconnect integration using via first integration scheme and a direct ULK CMP process. The key features of the damage-resistant porous ULK material were novel material chemistry, a higher carbon concentration (15.4 atm%) and an improved pore structure. These improved features of the new ULK material(More)
BACKGROUND Off-pump coronary bypass may provide a safer form of surgical revascularization by avoiding the unwanted complications of cardiopulmonary bypass, particularly in the increasingly complex patients being referred for operation. This study reviews the entire experience of the Medtronic Octopus System (Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN) for beating heart(More)
A high performance 45nm BEOL technology with proven reliability is presented. This BEOL has a hierarchical architecture with up to 10 wiring levels with 5 in PECVD SiCOH (k=3.0), and 3 in a newly-developed advanced PECVD ultralow-k (ULK) porous SiCOH (k=2.4). Led by extensive circuit performance estimates, the detrimental impact of scaling on BEOL(More)
Fundamental material interactions as pertinent to nano-scale copper interconnects were studied for CVD Co with a variety of micro-analytical techniques. Native Co oxide grew rapidly within a few hours (XPS). Incorporation of oxygen and carbon in the CVD Co films (by AES and SIMS) depended on underlying materials, such as Ta, TaN, or Ru. Copper film texture(More)
Cu(Mn) alloy seed BEOL studies revealed fundamental insights into Mn segregation and EM enhancement. We found a metallic-state Mn-rich Cu layer under the MnOx layer at the Cu/SiCNH cap interface, and correlated this metallic layer with additional EM enhancement. A carbonyl-based CVD-Co liner film consumed Mn, reducing its segregation and EM benefit,(More)