T.-H Park

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By using short linear antimicrobial peptides as a model system, the effect of peptide charge on the specificity between Candida albicans (fungi) and Gram-positive bacteria was investigated. In a present study, we added and/or deleted lysine residue(s) at the C-terminal and/or N-terminal end(s) of an antimicrobial peptide (KKVVFKVKFK-NH(2)) and synthesized(More)
Composites of polymers and nanoparticles have received much attention due to their enhanced optical and electronic properties relative to pure polymeric materials. 1 Spatial control of nanoparticles in different poly-meric domains is of great interest for practical applications such as solar cells, 2 photonic crystals, 3 and high density magnetic storage(More)
We propose an optimization-based theoretical approach to tailor the optical response of silver/silica multilayer nanospheres over the visible spectrum. We show that the structure that provides the largest cross-section per volume/mass, averaged over a wide frequency range, is the silver coated silica sphere. We also show how properly chosen mixture of(More)
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