T. H. Merrett

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Tries ooer text searches with costs which are independent of the size of the document being searched, and so are important for large documents requiring spelling checkers), case insensitivity, and limited approximate regular secondary storage. Approximate searches, in which the search pattern diiers from the document by k substitutions , transpositions,(More)
Conventional methods of storing aK-dimensional array allow easy extension only along one dimension. We present a technique of allocating a linear sequence of contiguous storage locations for aK-dimensional extendible array by adjoining blocks of (K−1)-dimensional subarrays. Element access is by determination of the block header location and then the(More)
We show how relations can be modelled in fast memory by a distribution of tuples in a multidimensional space. Given distributions for operand relations we derive distributions for the relations that result from applying the relational algebra. We apply the result for the natural join to optimize the evaluation of an expression involving two joins. We(More)
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