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We report identification of a 2189 by cDNA clone from barley corresponding to a single-copy gene, Beg1 (Barley embryo globulin), on chromosome 4, which encodes a storage globulin. In barley, the major protein reserve in the aleurone layer belongs to the 7S globulin class of proteins found in many seeds. Electrophoretically and antigenically similar proteins(More)
Gibberellins are noted for their ability to induce expression of genes, such as α-amylase, in the aleurone layers of cereals. However, a number of mRNA species in the mature imbibed aleurone cell of barley, such as a storage globulin (Heck et al., Mol Gen Genet 239: 209–218 1993), are simultaneously and specifically repressed by gibberellin. In a continuing(More)
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