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This study compares the quality of obstetric care provided for patients in two distinct groups: a federally-qualified health maintenance organization and a private fee-for-service practice. Patients of both groups were delivered in the same hospital with resident coverage equally accessible to both groups. From January, 1979, through December, 1981, the(More)
Recent substance abuse literature discusses the measurement of heroin abuse prevalence using an indirect method of indicator analysis. Medical and legal indicators are assumed to be related to each other and to prevalence in specific directions. The present study tests the relationship between six commonly used indicators. The results indicate that not all(More)
Prediction of dropout from therapeutic community treatment for heroin addiction is of interest, given that premature termination is the norm. Previous literature indicted a negative association between elevation on various MMPI scales and dichotomized measures of retention, as well as other outcome indices. The present study examined the predictive(More)
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