T H Day

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Recent work on sexual selection and sexual conflict has explored the influence of indirect effects on the evolution of female mating behaviour. It has been suggested that the importance of these effects has been underestimated and that the influence of indirect effects may actually be of relatively greater significance than direct effects. Additionally, it(More)
Sexual selection is thought to be responsible for the evolution of exaggerated male characters and of female mate preferences. Evolutionary mechanisms driven by an advantage to the progeny are only effective if the preferred character has a large genetic component of variance; in most systems in which sexual selection operates, little is known of the(More)
An association is described in seaweed flies, Coelopa frigida, between the genotype at the alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) locus and mating success in pairwise mating trials. Significantly higher mating success was observed in females that carried the Adh-C allele, but no association was observed between Adh genotype and male mating success. There was(More)
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