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Big Data analytics provide support for decision making by discovering patterns and other useful information from large set of data. Organizations utilizing advanced analytics techniques to gain real value from Big Data will grow faster than their competitors and seize new opportunities. Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) is an(More)
In the manufacturing industry, SCM (Supply Chain Management) is playing an important role is providing profit to the enterprise. Market globalization and rapid advancement of technologies require that companies differentiate themselves with innovative products and services to create competitive advantage. Increasingly, manufacturers face higher pressure to(More)
Big Data contains massive information, which are generating from heterogeneous, autonomous sources with distributed and anonymous platforms. Since, it raises extreme challenge to organizations to store and process these data. Conventional pathway of store and process is happening as collection of manual steps and it is consuming various resources. An(More)
The concept of Web services has become a widely applied paradigm in research and industry, with the number of services published on the Internet increasing rapidly over the last few years. Thus, service recommendation is becoming a challenging and time-consuming task due to large search space. Organizing the Web services into clusters is a one of very(More)
Web services have been extended to give value-added customized services to users through service composition. Service Composition consists of four stages: planning, discovery, selection, and execution. Web service discovery and selection are becoming challenging and time-consuming tasks due to large number of Web services available on the internet.(More)
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