T. Guttmann

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High resolution melting profiles of different mammalian DNAs are presented. Melting curves of various mammalian DNAs were compared with respect to the degree of asymmetry, first moment, transition breath and Tmi of individual subtransitions. Quantitative comparison of the shape of all melting curves was made. Correlation between phylogenetical relations(More)
Laboratory study fo 109 insulin-dependent diabetics younger than 17 yr of age and resident in greater Montreal at the time on onset of symptoms is reported. The cases were diagnosed during a 2-yr period (1976-1978). Sibling controls were obtained for 72 of the cases studied. Viral titers to coxsackie B, rubella, and mumps virus for the 72 patient-sibling(More)
After introducing expander graphs and briefly discussing classical results and constructions, I will talk about recent developments pertaining to establishing expansion property for congruence quotients of thin groups –discrete subgroups of semi-simple groups which are Zariski dense but of infinite index. This expansion property is intimately related to(More)
Restriction fragment patterns of G+C-rich satellites of sheep and goat DNA were compared. The 1,712 g/cm3 satellites of both species appear homologous, consisting of repeats 760 base pairs long and showing coincidence of position of primary+ EcoRI, BamHI and most BspRI restriction target sites. The EcoRI and BamHI endonucleases produce mostly monomers of(More)
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