T. Grimmsmann

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Aims/hypothesis. Alterations in insulin signalling could contribute to insulin resistance in Type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus. Some of these alterations could be secondary to the diabetic state, ie. the hyperglycaemia or increased NEFA concentrations. We sought to exclude such secondary factors and to investigate whether Type II diabetes in(More)
We explored whether the delay that occurs between a rise in plasma insulin and the increase of glucose disposal occurs before, at, or downstream of steps that are believed to be part of the insulin signaling cascade. Skeletal muscle biopsies were obtained from 16 nondiabetic subjects before, and 20 and 180 min after plasma insulin levels had been augmented(More)
Persistent infection by hepatitis B virus (HBV) correlates with the prevalence of hepatocellular carcinoma. It has recently been demonstrated that the complete viral genome very efficiently transforms the immortalized murine hepatocyte line FMH202 in vitro. Here it is shown that the viral transactivating protein X (HBx) is sufficient to transform FMH202(More)
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