T. Grafendorfer

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We describe the electronics for controlling the independently pulsed polarizing coil in a prepolarized magnetic resonance imaging (PMRI) system and demonstrate performance with free induction decay measurements and in vivo imaging experiments. A PMRI scanner retains all the benefits of acquiring MRI data at low field, but with the higher signal of the(More)
Prepolarized MRI (PMRI) with pulsed electromagnets has the potential to produce diagnostic quality 0.5- to 1.0-T images with significantly reduced cost, susceptibility artifacts, specific absorption rate, and gradient noise. In PMRI, the main magnetic field cycles between a high field (B(p)) to polarize the sample and a homogeneous, low field (B(0)) for(More)
A 16-channel receive-only, closely fitted array coil is described and tested in vivo for bilateral breast imaging at 3 T. The primary purpose of this coil is to provide high signal-to-noise ratio and parallel imaging acceleration in two directions for breast MRI. Circular coil elements (7.5-cm diameter) were placed on a closed "cup-shaped" platform, and(More)
PURPOSE To design, construct, and validate a semiflexible 64-channel receive-only phased array for pediatric body MRI at 3T. METHODS A 64-channel receive-only phased array was developed and constructed. The designed flexible coil can easily conform to different patient sizes with nonoverlapping coil elements in the transverse plane. It can cover a field(More)
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