T. Govindaraj

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Object-oriented programming (OOP) has been revolutionizing software development and maintenance. When applied to simulation of manufacturing systems, OOP also provides an opportunity for developing new ways of thinking and modeling. In this paper, we identify existing large-scale, persistent OOP-based research efforts focusing on manufacturing system(More)
Explanation is an important issue in building computer-based interactive design environments in which a human designer and a knowledge system may cooperatively solve a design problem. We consider the two related problems of explaining the system’s reasoning and the design generated by the system. In particular, we analyze the content of explanations of(More)
Knowledge based support for learning about physical devices is a classical problem in research on intelligent tutoring systems ITS The large amount of knowledge engineering needed however presents a major di culty in constructing ITS s for learning how devices work Many knowledge based design systems on the other hand already con tain libraries of device(More)
Human intervention is a component of many flexible manufacturing system (FMS) control structure designs. As FMS control systems become more "intelligent," the role of the human in the control structure will also evolve. An FMS may become more of a tool for the human who controls it, with the human responsible for achieving system goals. Thus, defining an(More)
Four different Multigrain Premixes (MGPs) namely MGP I, MGP II, MGP III, MGP IV were developed to select the best premix for preparation of biscuits based on nutritional value and biscuit quality. The MGPs were prepared using cereals (barley, sorghum, maize, oats), pulses (chickpea dhal, green gram, peas, soya flour), millets (pearl millet, finger millet)(More)
Turbinia-Vyasa is a computer-based instructional system that trains operators to troubleshoot and diagnose faults in marine power plants. The simulator, Turbinia, is based on a hierarchical representation of subsystems, components, and primitives. Vyasa is the computer-based tutor that teaches the troubleshooting task using Turbinia. The simulator, an(More)