T. Gnanasekaran

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—The continuous detection of sensor and actor nodes in wireless sensor actor networks (WSANs) is facing new challenges notably in coordination. In this paper, a survey has been made to categorize, and bring into perspective existing researches on continuous connectivity of sensor node and its impacts on coordination ranging from a node failure to disability(More)
A wireless sensor network is composed of a large number of low-cost devices distributed over a geographic area. Sensor nodes have limited processing capabilities therefore simplified protocol architecture should be designed so as to make communications simple and efficient. Moreover, the power supply unit is based on an energy-limited battery the networks(More)
—This paper proposes a method to improve performance of Maximum A-posteriori Probability (MAP) algorithm and Soft Output Viterbi (SOVA) algorithm. Previously the performance of turbo decoder is improved by means of scaling the channel reliability value (L C). In the proposed method, scaling the extrinsic information of both decoders of turbo decoder gives(More)
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