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An enzyme preparation that catalyses the deacylation of mono- and di-acyl phospholipids, galactosyl diglycerides, mono- and di-glycerides has been partially purified from potato tubers. The preparation also hydrolyses methyl and p-nitrophenyl esters and acts preferentially on esters of long-chain fatty acids. Triglycerides, wax esters and sterol esters are(More)
1. A major component of the lipids in aqueous (pH7.5) homogenates of tuber tissue from Solanum tuberosum was isolated and characterized as 9-(nona-1',3'-dienoxy)non-8-enoic acid. 2. This novel unsaturated ether fatty acid derivative, which contains a butadienylvinyl ether function, has the structure: [Formula: see text] and is formed from linoleic acid by a(More)
Phosphatidyl choline (PC) is synthesised in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Flanders) aleurone tissue during early germination when new endomembranes are being formed. Although gibberellic acid does not ostensibly affect PC levels, it inhibits the incorporation of choline and differentially and specifically modulates the turnover of the N-methyl and(More)
Incubation of linoleic acid with crude homogenate of tomato fruit gave a high yield (69%) of linoleic acid hydroperoxides with a ratio of 9- to 13-hydroperoxide isomers of 96∶4. After chromatography of the products, as free acids or methyl esters, hydroperoxides with 9- to 13-isomeric ratios of >99∶1 were obtained. The major product was characterized as(More)
Trigalactosyl diglyceride has been isolated from tubers of potato (Solanum tuberosum) by a combination of chromatographic methods. This galactolipid, which constitutes approximately 1% by weight of the total lipids, was characterized by analysis of the intact lipid and its deacylation product. The fatty acids:glycerol:galactose molar proportions were shown(More)
A lipoxygenase (EC was partially purified from potato tubers and was shown to differ from previously characterized soya-bean lipoxygenases in the positional specificity and pH characteristics of the oxygenation reaction. The potato enzyme converted linoleic acid almost exclusively (95%) into 9-d-hydroperoxyoctadeca-trans-10,cis-12-dienoic acid.(More)
1. An enzyme system that catalyses the alpha-oxidation of fatty acids to shorter chain products is present in acetone powders of cucumber fruits. 2. In the absence of NAD+, the predominant product from palmitic acid is pentadecanal. Addition of NAD+ gives rise to a homologous series of n-alkanals, the concentrations of which are in the same order as that(More)