T G Willmott

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gp65 and gp55 are glycoprotein components of CNS synapses that are recognised by a single monoclonal antibody, SMgp65. This antibody has now been used to investigate the molecular properties of these two glycoproteins and the structural relationship between them. Both gp65 and gp55 occur in most brain regions as doublets of apparent molecular masses of 63(More)
A monoclonal antibody has been raised which recognizes an epitope, PAC 1 (postsynaptic density and cytoskeleton enriched), which is specifically associated with two novel glycoprotein components of forebrain postsynaptic density preparations and a novel neuronal cytoskeletal-associated polypeptide. The monoclonal antibody has been used to study the cellular(More)
The monoclonal antibody PAC 1 (postsynaptic density and cytoskeleton enriched) recognizes an epitope present on two postsynaptic density-enriched glycoproteins of 130,000 (postsynaptic density-enriched glycoprotein 130) and 117,000 mol. wt (postsynaptic density-enriched glycoprotein 117), and a cytoskeleton-enriched polypeptide of 155,000 mol. wt (cp155).(More)
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