T. G. Thomas

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We make a case for 'synthetic clear speech' in the context of the persons with hearing impairment. We study the acoustic attributes of 'clear speech' that enable us to understand their importance in speech perception. Our perception experiments are motivated by the growing body of research emphasizing the significance of clear speech, as opposed to(More)
Our investigations addressed the efficacy of temporal modifications to the clear speech advantage. A case for synthetic clear speech in the context of hearing impairment was developed. Plosive–vowels of English language were used as test stimuli. Stimuli were subjected to consonant-duration expansion, wherein burst duration, voice onset time, and formant(More)
Rats fed a galactose-rich diet have been used for several years as a model for diabetes to study, particularly in the eye, the effects of excess blood hexoses. This study sought to determine the utility of galactosemia as a model for oxidative stress in extraocular tissues by examining biomarkers of oxidative stress in galactose-fed rats and(More)
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