T. G. Sukhenko

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Regular physical activity of moderate intensity over a long period (swimming at water temperature of 33-35°C without load, 2 h per day, 5 days a week for 4 months) activated hemopoiesis in mice: stimulation of myelopoiesis in the bone marrow and increase in the percentage of erythropoietic elements in the spleen were observed. In the peripheral blood, the(More)
It was shown that in vivo trecrezan possessed strong immunoactive properties: it decreased the spot-forming activity of polypotent stem blood cells, stimulated lympho- and hemopoesis, antibody formation, possessed steady antiinflammatory activity. It stimulated in vitro mononuclear cell proliferation in man due to its direct action on B lymphocytes and(More)
Children with chronic virus hepatitis B and C, as well as combined chronic virus hepatitis B + C, were found to have a higher level of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) in their serum than healthy children. Complete clinical and virological response to treatment with interferon-alpha is accompanied by a decreased inflammation and fibrosis of the(More)
Disorders in erythro- and immunopoiesis were studied in B6D2F1 mice with immunodeficiency induced by graft versus host reaction and with immunocomplex glomerulonephritis. By the 6th-7th months of the disease the animals developed anemia accompanied by enhanced phagocytic activity of macrophages and production of tumor necrosis factor. Macrophage dysfunction(More)
The role of macrophage (Kupffer cell) stimulation and suppression in the development of a toxic liver damage was studied in rats with acute hepatitis induced by paracetamol (acetaminophen, 1000 mg/kg). Pretreatment with carboxymethylated (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan (25 mg/kg, i.p., 48 h before paracetamol) for the macrophage stimulation or with gadolinium(More)
In BALB/c mice immunodeficiency was induced by the transfer of lymphocytes immune to alloantigen. This model is one of experimental models of AIDS. The work was aimed at the study of disturbances in the immuno--and erythropoiesis in immunodeficient mice. The state of erythropoiesis was evaluated by the level of level of hemoglobin, hematocrit and the(More)
In young, adult, and old mice fibrosis was induced by administration of CC1(4) and treated with IFN-alpha; liver fibrosis was evaluated by morphometry of argyrophilic fibers, immune status by the splenocyte proliferative response. minimum immunosuppression and maximum antifibrotic effect were observed in young mice, while adult mice exhibited pronounced(More)
Young and middle-aged CBA mice were injected with "street" heroin in increasing doses for 14 days. Volume density of perisinusoid argirophilic fibers increased in both age groups (the increase being more pronounced in middle-aged mice), while the levels of spontaneous, LPS- and ConA-stimulated splenocyte proliferation decreased in young mice. Six months(More)
The screening of 13 original compounds from the group of derivatives of arylheteroalkanecarboxylic acid on immunity were performed. The compounds exhibit strong myelostimulating/myelosuppressive property, increased or decreased influence on the: PFC (IgM and IgG), DTH at the sheep erythrocytes in CBF1 in vivo. In contrast, in vitro the compounds had no(More)