T. G. Marr

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A new method of sequence analysis, using a weight array method (WAM), which generalizes the traditional Staden weight matrix method (WMM), is proposed. With the help of a statistical mechanical model, the discriminant function is identified with the energy function describing macromolecular interactions. The method is applied to the study of 5'-splice(More)
High throughput sequencing methods are widely used in analyses of microbial diversity, but are generally applied to small numbers of samples, which precludes characterization of patterns of microbial diversity across space and time. We have designed a primer-tagging approach that allows pooling and subsequent sorting of numerous samples, which is directed(More)
As part of our effort to construct a physical map of the genome of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, we have made theoretical predictions for the progress expected, as measured by the expected length fraction of island coverage and by the expected properties of the anchored islands such as the number and the size of islands. Our experimental(More)
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