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SUMMARY: Construction projects involve a large number of both direct stakeholders (clients, professional teams, contractors, etc.) and indirect stakeholders (local authorities, residents, workers, etc.). Current methods of communicating building design information can lead to several types of difficulties (e.g. incomplete understanding of the planned(More)
Darouach [1] recently derived necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence and stability of functional observers with an order, p, equals to the dimension m of the vectors to be estimated. In general, these conditions are difficult to satisfy and when they are not, the only available option is to increase the order of the functional observers. This(More)
This paper addresses the problem of estimating simultaneously a linear function of both the state and unknown input of linear system with unknown inputs. By adopting the descriptor system approach, the problem can be conveniently solved. Observers proposed in this paper are of low-order and do not include the derivatives of the outputs. New conditions for(More)
This paper reports a new result on the fault detection of dynamical systems by employing only first-order functional observers. Indeed, we show that fault detection can be achieved by utilizing first-order functional observers. The advantages for having such simple structured observers are obvious from the economical and practical points of view as(More)
In practice, cutting large number of pieces with different shapes often requires a well plan of assigning number of shapes on the cut template. The working arrangement of the cut-template is treated as Cut order plan (COP). The aim is to optimize cutting templates of fabric cutting function in apparel manufacturing firms when the cut order requirement is(More)
Extracting the actual boundary of a tooth is useful in order to obtain an accurate shape to design a false tooth. A tooth in a dental X-ray image, however, exhibits sharp corners at its root making the boundary extraction task difficult. In this paper, a new technique based on active contours is presented along with a novel modification to detect sharp(More)
Nature inspired algorithms for their powerfulness, acquire a unique place among the algorithms for optimization. This paper intends to provide a comparison of firefly algorithm (FA) with 3 other nature inspired algorithms; genetic algorithms (GA), particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) and ant colony systems (ACS). Traveling salesman problem (TSP) has(More)