T. G. Basavaraju

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The increasing demands and requirements for wireless communication systems especially in settings where access to wired infrastructure is not possible like natural disasters, conferences and military settings have led to the need for a better understanding of fundamental issues in TCP optimization in MANETS.TCP primarily designed for wired networks, faces(More)
There is tremendous increase in popularity of WSNs as the sensor network connects the virtual world and physical world together. Sensors nodes can be deployed in hostile environment where there is no access of human beings. Sensor nodes rely on battery power where it becomes a difficult task to replace the battery. So to improve the networks energy is very(More)
Reactive routing protocols like AODV and DSR uses Expanding ring search algorithm for route discovery in MANET. This paper presents enhancement in basic TTL sequence based ERS. This results into faster route discovery, lesser routing traffic and efficient energy operation in MANET. We have considered circular network area with equal node density in entire(More)
Wireless sensor networks have a broad variation of applications within the surveillance, military, atmosphere monitoring and medical fields. Coverage and connectivity of sensor networks demonstrates how well a region is monitored. The coverage issues have been studied extensively. Particularly the coverage with respect to connectivity and network lifetime(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks, the movement of the mobile nodes is one of the important characteristics because it can affect the performance of the routing protocol. The mobility pattern directly influences when communication links between nodes are established or broken, which is associated with the network topology. In this paper, the impact of the different(More)
Mobile Adhoc Networks are created and organized by a collection of nodes. Sending Multimedia data through these networks is a challenging process. In this paper some of the routing protocols namely AODV, DSDV, OLSR and FSR are taken to perform a general study. Refer ences-Mehran Abolhasan Tadeusz Wysocki. , Eryk Dutkiewicz "A review of routing protocols for(More)
A Mobile Ad hoc Network is a type of ad hoc network. It can change its location configuration dynamically. It is an infrastructure-less network. Due to the complex nature of MANETS, their development processes face several challenges. One of such key challenge is routing. Several routing protocols have already been proposed for MANETs. This paper examines(More)