T Frei

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The neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) engages in diverse functional roles in neural cell interactions. Its extracellular part consists of five Ig-like domains and two fibronectin type III homologous (type III) repeats. To investigate the functional properties of the different structural domains of the molecule in cell interactions and signal(More)
To study the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the perpendicular orientation of stellate and/or basket cells to the direction of fasciculating granule cell neurites, we have used cultures of microexplants from early postnatal mouse cerebellum that show this cellular behaviour in vitro. When these cultures were maintained in the presence of(More)
This document describes the concepts of the engineering design to be adopted for the upstream Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector (RICH 1) of the reoptimized LHCb detector. Our aim is to ensure that coherent solutions for the engineering design and integration for all components of RICH 1 are available, before proceeding with the detailed design of these(More)
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