T. Fröhlich

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Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) is a rapidly growing field of research that provides insights into the most common type of differences between individual genomes. The resulting information has a strong impact in the fields of pharmacogenomics, drug development, forensic medicine, and diagnostics of specific disease markers. The technique(More)
The synthesis of phosphoramidites containing 7-deazaguanine, 7-deazaadenine, uracil and cytosine carrying aminopropargyl chains is described. The corresponding oligonucleotides are stabilized in duplexes thermally as well as against degradation by exonucleases.
Models that account for sex-specific behavior and population dynamics are becoming more common in the stock assessment of sexually dimorphic fishes. However, such models can be data intensive and require some knowledge or assumptions about the sex ratio of fishery landings. A recent stock assessment review of Summer Flounder Paralichthys dentatus identified(More)
Present habits of publication (print and electronic) are unsuitable in experimental sciences if they restrict themselves to fulltext with links and pixel graphics, because all primary data are lost. Primary high-tech data are highly interactive at the site of data production. The tools for their full communication for critical analyses, use and data mining(More)
The synthesis of positively charged and mass tagged nucleosides containing a quaternary ammonium functionality within the penultimate position of a primer is described. Neutralization of the sugar/thiophosphate backbone by alkylation increases the detection sensitivity in the mass spectrometric analysis by a factor of at least 100. The variable introduction(More)
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