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A fully integrated 4-channel automotive radar transceiver chip, integrated in a 200-GHz SiGe:C production technology, is presented. With a typical transmit power of 2 x +7 dBm at the antenna ports and all functions active, the chip draws a current of about 600 mA from a single 5.5 V supply. The design permits FMCW operation in the 76 to 77 GHz band at(More)
A monolithically integrated 160-GHz transmitter and receiver chipset with in-phase/quadrature baseband inputs and outputs and on-chip local oscillator (LO) generation has been implemented in a 0.25- μm silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor technology. The chipset features a three-stage differential power amplifier, a low-noise(More)
An active down-conversion mixer for automotive radar applications at 76 GHz to 81 GHz was realized in a 200 GHz f/sub T/ SiGe bipolar technology. A conversion gain of more than 24 dB and a single-sideband noise figure of less than 14 dB is achieved. The 1 dB output compression point is -4 dBm. The power consumption is 300 mW at -5 V supply voltage.
We present a wideband amplifier with 12 dB gain and a 3-dB bandwidth of 15 GHz. The noise figure is 2.8 dB for frequencies up to 10 GHz and 4 dB at 15 GHz. The circuit is manufactured in an advanced SiGe bipolar technology and consumes 7.2 mA from a 3.3 V supply.
– A single ended low noise amplifier at 77 GHz has been designed, implemented, and characterized. The focus was on a low noise figure, reasonable input and output matching, and a high input compression point which are basic requirements for automotive radar applications or car–to–car communication systems. The LNA was fabricated in a 225 GHz f T SiGe:C(More)
This paper presents four signal-generation chips that comprise a fundamental-wave voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), an output buffer, and a divide-by-32 prescaler. The VCOs with contiguous tuning ranges cover almost the full waveguide band from 110 to 170GHz (D-band). The fastest VCO operates at up to 181GHz in combination with the prescaler. The VCOs(More)
A broadband amplifier with 16 dB gain and a 3-dB bandwidth of more than 60 GHz is presented. This amplifier exhibits a 1-dB compression point of-9.5 dBm and a third-order intercept point of +2.1 dBm referred to the input. The maximum differential output voltage swing is 1.5 V PP. Clear output eye diagrams have been measured up to 100 Gbit/s. The chip is(More)
Presents a dual-modulus prescaler with divide ratios of 256 and 257. The circuit uses static divider stages and differential current-mode logic. AND-gates are merged with flip-flops to achieve high operating frequencies at low power consumption. The prescaler operates with input frequencies ranging from below 1 GHz up to 36.4 GHz. It consumes 34.2 mA from a(More)
We present a static frequency divider designed in a 225 GHz f T SiGe bipolar technology. The divider has a divide ratio of four and it is operational from 200 MHz up to 110 GHz (limited by the measurement equipment). At a-5.2 V power supply, the circuit, including the two dividers and the input and output stages, consumes less than 260 mA.