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The ribitol dehydrogenase gene was cloned from wild-type Klebsiella aerogenes and also from a transducing phage lambda prbt which expresses the rbt operon constitutively. The coding sequence for 249 amino acids is separated from the following D-ribulokinase gene by 31 base pairs containing three stop codons, one of which overlaps the ribosome binding site(More)
Double-stranded RNAs from Penicillium chrysogenum virus have been treated with RNAse III, pancreatic RNAse A and RNAse T1 and the degradation of the RNAs has been studied under different conditions. It was found that only the two former enzymes cut across both strands, RNase T1 cannot cleave double strands. RNase III was shown to digest double-stranded RNA(More)
We have determined the nucleotide sequence of a secondary phage lambda attachment site (att) located between the structural genes of the ribitol and D-arabitol catabolic operons of Klebsiella aerogenes. The core region of this secondary attachment site (sequence: GGTTTTTTCGATTAT) shows considerable homology with the 15-base-pair core region common to both(More)