T. F. Gundogdu

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We report on the fabrication, through photolithography techniques, and the detailed characterization, through direct transmission measurements, of a periodic system composed of five layers of photolithographically aligned micrometer-sized Ag split-ring resonators (SRRs). The measured transmission spectra for propagation perpendicular to the SRRs plane show(More)
The effect of conductivity variation as a proposed method for the investigation of photoconductive switching properties of split ring resonators (SRRs) is simulated. Three different systems that are applicable under certain fabrication and/or optical excitation conditions are described. The simulated transmission spectrum indicates that for a large range of(More)
We report an experimental and numerical analysis of a planar metamaterial designed for normal-to-plane propagation, and operating at microwave frequencies. The metamaterial consists of cutwire and wire patterns, which are arranged periodically on both sides of a dielectric layer, in the form of a bilayer. The left-handed transmission band of the(More)
Using transmission and reflection measurements under normal incidence in one and three layers of a mum-scale metamaterial consisting of pairs of short-slabs and continuous wires, fabricated by a photolithography procedure, we demonstrate the occurrence of a negative refractive index regime in the far infrared range, ~2.4-3 THz. The negative index behavior(More)
We review the research of our group on propagation of electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals (PCs) and micrometer scale left-handed materials (LHMs). The main topics that we focus on regarding PCs are the modification of the spontaneous emission rate of sources embedded into them, their ability to produce beams with high directionality and their(More)
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