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Brain activity in humans telling lies has yet to be elucidated. We developed an objective approach to its investigation, utilizing a computer-based interrogation and fMRI. Interrogatory questions probed recent episodic memory in 30 volunteers studied outside and 10 volunteers studied inside the MR scanner. In a counter-balanced design subjects answered(More)
Previous functional brain imaging studies suggest that the ability to infer the intentions and mental states of others (social cognition) is mediated by medial prefrontal cortex. Little is known about the anatomy of empathy and forgiveness. We used functional MRI to detect brain regions engaged by judging others' emotional states and the forgivability of(More)
That auditory hallucinations are voices heard in the absence of external stimuli implies the existence of endogenous neural activity within the auditory cortex responsible for their perception. Further, auditory hallucinations occur across a range of healthy and disease states that include reduced arousal, hypnosis, drug intoxication, delirium, and(More)
OBJECTIVES The relation between complicated early childhood convulsion (ECC) and adult epilepsy is unclear, although a history of complicated ECC is obtainable in half of adults with epilepsy associated with hippocampal sclerosis. It is not known if the ECC is a marker of pre-existing brain damage or is itself harmful to the developing brain. The objective(More)
BACKGROUND A better understanding of the neural basis of social cognition including mindreading (or theory of mind) and empathy might help to explain some deficits in social functioning in people with schizophrenia. Our aim was to review neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies on social cognition, as they may shed light on the neural mechanisms of(More)
Minnesota changes the face of mental health For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities 2 5-2 6 t h O c t o b e r 2 0 1 1 05 The world, and human lives, are in a state of constant evolution, but there are moments in history when it feels more like revolution. As massive social, cultural and political change engulfs the Middle East, while Europe and North(More)
on the investor likely results in greater responsivity by the trustee to changes in investor reciprocity. 21. A description of methods is available as supporting material in Science Online. 22. Each dyad contributed eight behavioral events to this analysis (48 pairs  8 rounds 0 384 rounds). Investor reciprocity cannot be calculated for the initial two(More)
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