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We describe the clinical and pathological features of a case of mesenteric cyst which was incompletely excised, recurred over several years, and eventually underwent malignant transformation. A review of the literature shows how mesenteric cysts are still poorly understood clinical entities, often difficult to classify even after histopathological(More)
We report an unusual repair of a massive chest wall defect resulting from resection of a chronic ulcer after radiation therapy for stage IV breast carcinoma. The defect was 690 cm2 and included the body of the sternum, 10 ribs, and the anterior portion of the diaphragm. Chest wall reconstruction was accomplished with multiple flaps: a pectoralis major(More)
We report a case of extensive purpura fulminans destroying the soft tissue over the posterior aspect of both elbows. Simultaneous, bilateral free latissimus dorsi muscle transfers were used to close both wounds in a single procedure. The wounds resulting from severe purpura fulminans can be extensive and limb threatening. The simultaneous transfer of 2 free(More)
To determine the possible beneficial effect of postoperative splint immobilization after open carpal tunnel release, we performed a prospective, randomized study comparing 2 weeks of postoperative wrist splinting versus a bulky dressing only. Forty patients with 43 carpal tunnel releases were evaluated. There were no statistically significant differences(More)
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