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AIMS To characterize cellulolytic, hydrogen-producing clostridia on a comparable basis. METHODS AND RESULTS H(2) production from cellulose by six mesophilic clostridia was characterized in standardized batch experiments using MN301 cellulose, Avicel and cellobiose. Daily H(2) production, substrate degradation, biomass production and the end-point(More)
Hemibody movements are strongly considered as being under the control of the contralateral hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. However, some neuroimaging studies have found a bilateral activation of either the primary sensori-motor (SM1) areas or the rostral prefrontal cortex (PFC), during unimanual tasks. More than just bilateral, the activation of these(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between structural dimensions and bench press performance in college males. Members of required fitness classes (n = 170) were measured after 14 weeks of strength and aerobic endurance training. Anthropometric dimensions included upper arm and chest circumferences, upper and lower arm lengths,(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality from colorectal cancer is mainly due to metastatic liver disease. Improved understanding of the molecular events underlying metastasis is crucial for the development of new methods for early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer. Loss of chromosome 8p is frequently seen in colorectal cancer and implicated in later stage disease(More)
This study demonstrates the efficacy of a direct 5S rRNA assay for the characterization of mixed microbial populations by using as an example the bacteria associated with acidic mining environments. The direct 5S rRNA assay described herein represents a nonselective, direct molecular method for monitoring and characterizing the predominant, metabolically(More)
Nine volatile hydrocarbons, as well as methyl chloride, carbonyl sulphide and carbon disulphide, have been identified by mass spectrometry as products of Agaricus bisporus in the compost used in comerical mushroom beds. Of these, only ethylene showed a pattern of production that could be correlated with developmental phases of the crop, high levels being(More)
This article describes an assignment, titled " Learning in the Real World, " designed for graduate students in a learning theory course. Students work in small groups to create high quality audiovisual films that present " real learning " through interviews and/or observations of learners. Students select topics relevant to theories we are discussing in(More)
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