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This paper reevaluates the recently reported excess mortality following transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) for benign hypertrophy as compared with traditional open resection (OPEN). We studied survival through linkage of hospital discharge data with mortality data for the entire male population of Denmark (1977-85). For a maximum of 10.5 years(More)
A self-administered questionnaire assessing female lower urinary tract symptoms and their impact on quality of life is described and validated, on 56 females in six participating departments. The patients answered two identical questionnaires on separate occasions before treatment. Test-retest reliability of the questionnaire, correlation between the(More)
The prevalence of residual urine in elderly people in the community is poorly documented. The aim of the present study was to assess the prevalence and range of residual urine in elderly people in the community. As part of a major epidemiologic study (The Glostrup Population Study), 140 75-year-old men and women were included in this study (92 men, 48(More)
In many countries prostatectomy is one of the most common surgical operations in elderly men. We used administrative data for the entire male population of Denmark to study temporal and regional variations in the use of prostatectomy from 1977 to 1985. The total annual number of prostatectomies increased by 43% during the period, when the transurethral(More)
The health economic consequences of treating nocturnal enuresis with a buzzer alarm is compared to treatment with Desmopressin. Based on age specific prevalence estimates and reported effects of the two treatments a cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) was performed. The analysis showed a considerable difference between the costs of the two alternative(More)
This article examines some of the key research and policy issues that are emerging as a result of recent analyses of regional variations in health care. The article presents a historical background to this important new field of health services' research, and indicates, using some Danish examples of research on hysterectomy, cholecystectomy, and(More)
During recent years several international studies have shown increasing rates of prostatectomy over the past decade. In Denmark the number of prostatectomies increased by 43% in the period 1977-85. This development is still unexplained, but one of the answers is very intriguing, proposing a shift in indications for prostatectomy. Therefore we(More)
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