T E Goriunova

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A new method for quantitation of sulfhydryl groups of low and high molecular weight compounds is proposed. The method is based on the use of a biradical spin label carrying a disulfide bond, RS-SR, where R is the imidazoline radical. It was found that this biradical is involved in the reaction of thiol-disulfide exchange with thiols; the EPR spectra of the(More)
In anesthetized dogs with cannulae implanted in the lateral cerebral ventricle, the water transfer from the CSF to the blood was studied using determination of drainage of tritiated water injected into the ventricle. Vasopressin and aldosterone accelerated the transfer of tritiated water into veins whereas angiotensin decelerated it. The data obtained(More)
The relationships between cAMP and hyaluronate hydrolases (HH) activity were studied in the renal tissue. Both the urine osmolality and the HH activity were increased in the papilla tissue of rats treated with cAMP. Incubation of mild homogenized cells prepared from kidney papilla with cAMP, resulted in a significant increase in the total HH activity and(More)
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