T. E. Frothingham

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Twenty-six Laotian refugees infected with Clonorchis or Opisthorchis liver flukes, and 15 uninfected controls, were assessed clinically by history, physical examination, serum 5'nucleotidase level, and serum immunoglobulin E level. Ultrasound studies of the biliary tract were also done on a subset of six infected subjects. The results showed no differences(More)
To determine epidemiological and clinical associations with Toxocara canis seropositivity, we studied 333 (87%) children of a cohort of 383 five- to seven-year-olds. The prevalence of seropositivity (antibody titer to T canis, greater than or equal to 1:32) was 23.1%. Black children were more frequently seropositive than were white children, as were(More)
We studied a cohort of 333 children in kindergarten to determine the prevalence of seropositivity to Toxocara canis, and to detect and measure chronic health effects that might be attributable to past infection. We found that 23.1% of the children had serologic evidence of infection (antibody titer greater than or equal to 1:32), assayed by means of an(More)
The authors examined the relationship between disproportionate intra-uterine head growth, or a relatively small head, and later development, using data collected as part of the Collaborative Perinatal Project of the National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke. Within the population of infants who are normal by conventional(More)
Children's reactions to the medical evaluation of sexual abuse and the methods that enhance their coping ability have not been well addressed in the literature. For many children, a genital examination can be highly stressful, and may even trigger memories of the sexual abuse itself. Stress can be reduced by preparing the child for the examination, by(More)
AIM To study the outcome over an eight year period of children determined by paediatricians in 1989 as definitely or probably sexually abused. METHOD Information was obtained on 140 of 148 children diagnosed in 1989 when aged 7 or less. Sources were hospital medical records and school health records. School health records of a comparison group of 83(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure agreement among experienced clinicians regarding the interpretation of physical findings in child sexual abuse cases and to determine whether knowledge of clinical history affects the interpretation of the physical findings. DESIGN Experienced clinicians rated colposcopic photographs on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being normal and 5(More)
A prospective study was undertaken to examine the relationship of self-esteem and other factors theorized to contribute to teenage pregnancy. The Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory and a questionnaire concerning demographic, attitudinal, and other factors, were administered to 874 of the 1,007 teenage women enrolled in two city high schools. During the(More)