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The influence of plane of nutrition, growth hormone (GH) treatment and dietary polyunsaturated fat on serum concentrations of GH and insulin (INS) and binding capacities of GH, INS and prolactin (PRL) in liver, mammary parenchyma and adipose tissue was assessed in prepubertal ewe lambs. Ten lambs were assigned to each of four treatment groups. Treatments(More)
Displaced intra-articular distal radius fractures are difficult to treat, with numerous associated complications. The potential onset of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (OA) is a major concern. The relationship between malreduced intra-articular fracture of the distal radius and subsequent early onset of radiocarpal OA is clinically important, yet poorly(More)
A plane-strain finite element contact model of the radiocarpal joint has been developed to investigate the mechanical relationship between initial intra-articular fracture of the distal radius, subsequent imprecise reduction of articular incongruency, and final onset of osteoarthrosis. The model includes the radius, two carpal bones (the lunate and the(More)
Effects of plane of nutrition, growth hormone treatment and dietary polyunsaturated fat on mammary development were assessed in prepubertal ewe lambs. Ten lambs (15.6 kg initial body weight) were assigned to each of four treatment groups. Treatments included: (A) lambs given ad libitum access to a high-energy ration; (G) fed as group A but injected s.c.(More)
Forty-seven cows (24 primiparous) were assigned to one of four normal (20.5%) ADF diets for wk 2 to 5 postpartum. Dietary treatments in a 2 x 2 factorial design were diets of 13.8 versus 18.8% CP and 0 versus 12 g/d of niacin per cow. During wk 6 to 13 postpartum, cows were fed low (11.8%) ADF diets while maintaining CP and niacin treatments. Low CP diets(More)
STUDY DESIGN The biomechanical stability of three different methods of cervical spine stabilization was evaluated in a porcine model. Specimens were tested in flexion, extension, and axial rotation. OBJECTIVES Our goal was to determine if posterior lateral mass plating after anterior reconstruction provided more stability compared with unicortical or(More)
Greater availability and affordability of wireless technology has led to an increase in the number of wireless sensor network (WSN) applications where sense data is collected at a central user point, commonly outside the network (geographically and topologically) for processing. Resource constraints on nodes in the network coupled with considerable(More)
Twelve multiparous and 18 primiparous Holstein cows were fed a 17.3% CP, 21.0% ADF diet during wk 2 through 6 postpartum. Cows then were assigned from wk 7 through 14 to one of three low fiber (10.7% ADF) dietary treatments containing either 14.4 or 18.7% CP, the latter with or without a soybean meal enhanced with rumen undegradable protein. Treatments had(More)
Eight Holstein cows were assigned following calving to two groups, balanced for parity, using a continuous completely randomized block design. Cows were fed a diet with 13.5% CP and 22.4% ADF from 35 to 55 DIM and then 13.8% CP and 15% ADF from 56 to 92 DIM. Alfalfa grass hay was the forage source, and concentrate mixtures contained primarily corn and(More)