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  • Trisha Curtis, Matt Calderon, Ben Montalbano, Lucian Pugliaresi
  • 2014
North American pipeline capacity did not adapt quickly enough to rapidly growing crude oil production, resulting in supply bottlenecks. Now that a build-out is under way, a glut of light sweet crude will likely emerge on the US Gulf Coast. Constraints, both commercial and regulatory, in building out new pipeline infrastructure and expanding existing(More)
This paper develops a prime radix transform algorithm that can be used to calculate the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of a data block of length P, a prime, using fixed coefficient second order recursive filter sections: this simple hardware structure allows compact, high performance DFT processors to be developed. Further " massaging " of the prime radix(More)
In this paper an alternative adaptation of the Orthogonal Block Adaptive Line Enhancer (OBALE) is presented. The adaptive lter within the OBALE has an auto-regressive-moving-average (ARMA) form which is based on classical Laguerre orthogonal functions. This has the advantages of short lter length and, with a lattice structure, stability. The frequencies and(More)
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