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  • Trisha Curtis, Matt Calderon, Ben Montalbano, Lucian Pugliaresi
  • 2014
North American pipeline capacity did not adapt quickly enough to rapidly growing crude oil production, resulting in supply bottlenecks. Now that a build-out is under way, a glut of light sweet crude will likely emerge on the US Gulf Coast. Constraints, both commercial and regulatory, in building out new pipeline infrastructure and expanding existing(More)
This paper develops a prime radix transform algorithm that can be used to calculate the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of a data block of length P, a prime, using fixed coefficient second order recursive filter sections: this simple hardware structure allows compact, high performance DFT processors to be developed. Further " massaging " of the prime radix(More)
In this paper an alternative adaptation of the Orthogonal Block Adaptive Line Enhancer (OBALE) is presented. The adaptive lter within the OBALE has an auto-regressive-moving-average (ARMA) form which is based on classical Laguerre orthogonal functions. This has the advantages of short lter length and, with a lattice structure, stability. The frequencies and(More)
A set of Alternate Low-Level Primitive Structures (ALPS) has been considered in this context. It is envisaged that each standalone structure consists of an input queue, an output queue, the processing primitive, and mechanisms for control and synchronization. Some of these primitives and a new system architecture, which allows orderly VLSI/VHSIC transition(More)
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