T. Dupont

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Fourth order degenerate diiusion equations arise in the motion of thin lms and membranes of viscous liquid in which the surface tension of the liquid/air interface determines the evolution. These equations are derived via a lubrication approximation in which the uid velocity is depth averaged in the direction transverse to the lm 16, 14]. One typically(More)
Sedimentation filling space beneath ice shelves helps to stabilize ice sheets against grounding-line retreat in response to a rise in relative sea level of at least several meters. Recent Antarctic changes thus cannot be attributed to sea-level rise, strengthening earlier interpretations that warming has driven ice-sheet mass loss. Large sea-level rise,(More)
A major problem for ice-sheet models is that no physically based law for the calving process has been established. Comparison across a diverse set of ice shelves demonstrates that iceberg calving increases with the along-flow spreading rate of a shelf. This relation suggests that frictional buttressing loss, which increases spreading, also leads to shelf(More)
in astrophysics necessarily involves the development of models and simulation technology to help us understand the complex phenomena underlying astrophysical events. As with any mod-eling approach, numerical models and simulation codes developed for astrophysical applications must be thoroughly verified and validated to demonstrate their accuracy and assess(More)
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