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Neural activity elicited by an event can predict whether the event is successfully encoded into memory. Here we assessed whether memory encoding relies not only on neural activity that follows an event, but also on activity that precedes it. In two experiments we found that human brain activity elicited by a cue presented just before a word could predict(More)
—We demonstrate an optical packet switch (OPS) subsystem employing in-band labeling to allow for transparent routing of packets with multiple data formats and data bit rates. Packets employing in-band labels can be processed without the need to re-configure the label processor and the switch when changing data format and bit-rate. The label processor is(More)
We investigate the feasibility of a 1x4096 optical-packet-switch (OPS) operating at 160Gb/s, by cascading two 1x64 OPSs in a fat-tree configuration. We find error-free operation with 5.7dB penalty over the complete system. Introduction Boosted by the traffic increase in the access networks future optical networks should handle hundreds of Tb/s data traffic.(More)
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