T. Dieu Linh Truong

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The dynamic routing problem for Overlapping Segment Shared Protection (OSSP) in multi-domain networks has not received a lot of interest so far as it is more complex than in single-domain networks. Difficulties lie in the lack of complete and global knowledge about network topologies and bandwidth allocation whereas this knowledge is easily available in(More)
A large number of studies on routing for shared protection focus on minimizing the network transport capacity in a static routing framework. A smaller number of studies have been conducted on dynamic routing. Most of them do not meet the scalability requirements of multi-domain networks. This paper reviews the recent works in dynamic routing for shared(More)
There is a growing need for e2e lightpaths for high volume data transferring applications such as GridFTP and SAN. They wish to dynamically deploy lightpaths over multiple management domains. Research, sponsored by Canarie Incorporated, is underway to enable "customer-empowered networks" and to experiment them with the Canadian research network CA*Net4. New(More)
Within the context of dynamic routing models for shared path protection in multi-domain networks, we propose a backup path re-optimization phase with possible rerouting of the existing backup paths in order to increase the bandwidth sharing among them while minimizing the network backup cost. The reoptimization phase is activated periodically or when(More)
Storage Area Network (SAN) promise both a single source of data and improved performance and availability. SAN are extended to a WAN infrastructure to offer easier sharing over multiple locations. This created a need for bandwidth which can be provided by the underlying optical transport network. In this paper, we propose a policybased lightpath signaling(More)
The routing problem for shared path protection in multidomain optical mesh networks is difficult due to the lack of complete and global knowledge on the network topology and bandwidth allocation. To overcome this difficulty, we propose an aggregated network modeling by overestimation and a two-step routing strategy. In the first step, a rough routing(More)
Efficient operation of multipath routing is considered as one of the important aspects in MPLS traffic engineering. Multipath routing has an advantage over the traffic routing based on single shortest path because single path routing may lead to unbalanced traffic situations and degraded QoS (Quality of Service). The adequate strategy for the order of(More)
Routing for shared protection in multi-domain networks is more difficult than that in single domain networks because of the scalability requirements. We propose a novel approach for shared protection routing in multi-domain networks where the key feature is a special Topology Aggregation. In this Topology Aggregation, only some potential intra-domain paths(More)
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