T. D. Dimitrakos

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TrustCom is a new European integrated project that aims to develop a framework for trust, security and contract management in dynamic Virtual Organisations. The framework will enable the secure enactment of collaborative business processes in self-managed, and dynamic value-chains of businesses and governments. The framework will leverage and extend the(More)
The EU-funded CORAS project (IST-2000-25031) is developing a framework for model-based risk assessment of security-critical systems. This framework is characterised by: (1) A careful integration of techniques and features from partly complementary risk assessment methods. (2) Patterns and methodology for UML oriented modelling targeting the different risk(More)
The World Wide Web can be considered as the universe of network-accessible information (available through your computer, phone, television, or networked refrigerator...). Today, this universe benefits society by enabling new forms of human communication and offering new opportunities to share knowledge. However, the need to provide e-services over(More)
GRID computing has emerged as an important new field, distinguished from conventional distributed computing by its focus on large-scale resource sharing including distributed very large data-stores and high-performance networking, and innovative applications such as remote control of experiments and distributed group working in virtual organisations. Given(More)
Recommender systems use, amongst others, a mechanism called collaborative filtering (CF) to predict the rating that a user will give to an item given the ratings of other items provided by other users. While reasonably accurate CF can be achieved with various well-known techniques, preserving the privacy of rating data from individual users poses a(More)
In this paper we sketch an architecture enabling the devolved management and distributed enforcement of dynamic security perimeters for networks of collaborating peers. We highlight how this architecture, which is currently under development, aims to enable addressing some outstanding security and trust management challenges underpinning scalable,(More)