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This article is an edited version of remarks made during a panel on Computers and Elections organized by former SIGCAS Vice Chairman Terry D. C. Kuch and presented at ACM '75. Limitations of space have required .substantial reduction in panelist remarks, and omission of questions and responses following the panel presentations. Responsibility for any(More)
The SIGCAS-3 session at ACM '75, "Computers in the Electoral Process" addresses the use of computers and other data processing equipment in such official activities as voter registration, balloting,and election certification. In general, we have excluded discussion of campaigning, forecasting, reporting, and other non-official activities. Voting systems can(More)
NASA Technology Utilization program can access this data file at no additional cost to their companies. If you are interested in knowing more about NERAC, please call (203) 486-4533. WASHINGTON, D. C.-President Ford has finally nominated a chairman and public members to the National Commission on Electronic Funds Transfer, a study group which he signed into(More)
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