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The Nature of a UID A UID l is a code which uniquely identifies a human being : that is, it infallibly (in principle) distinguishes him from all other persons. This concept is hardly a new one : from the time that one caveman called himself "Og" and called the next fellow "Nog", the intent was to distinguish Og from Nog, and from all other cave-men. We have(More)
This article is an edited version of remarks made during a panel on Computers and Elections organized by former SIGCAS Vice Chairman Terry D. C. Kuch and presented at ACM '75. Limitations of space have required .substantial reduction in panelist remarks, and omission of questions and responses following the panel presentations. Responsibility for any(More)
In vol. 2 nr. 1 of this newsletter I recommended a <u>Datamation</u> article by Karl M. Pearson Jr. I wrote him for his current thoughts on computer program documentation, and received the following interesting response:"At SDC, the system described in the articles [*] was used by the Technical Information Center staff to produce a printed(More)
Computers in Popular Literature will appear as a regular feature of the Reviews section of Computers & Society if there is sufficient reader interest. Terry Kuch has volunteered to head up this function and solicits reviews, brief notices, and bibliographies from all comers. In this uchronian novel; Condon posits a world of 1971 in which all major American(More)
The system, Dvorkovitz said, has been demonstrated in many U. S. cities as well as in Japan. As a result, he added, the governments of Israel and Hungary have subscribed to the service , and Shell, Dupont and Warner-Lambert plan to install terminals to hook into the system. A robot "PREACHER" has restored falling attendance at a Sunday school in Nottingham,(More)
The SIGCAS-3 session at ACM '75, "Computers in the Electoral Process" addresses the use of computers and other data processing equipment in such official activities as voter registration, balloting,and election certification. In general, we have excluded discussion of campaigning, forecasting, reporting, and other non-official activities. Voting systems can(More)