T. Cornilleau

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This paper presents a new algorithm that provides two types of consistency models simultaneously on the same data. This algorithm combines sequential and causal consistencies. Two community of sites share the same set of data with different consistency models. This algorithm has been validated by a SPIN/PROMELA simulation. Our proposal addresses uniform(More)
The synthesis of biaryl compounds from aryldiazonium salts and arylboronic acids was achieved using PPh3AuCl as catalyst, CsF as base and acetonitrile as solvent. Combined to photosensitizers, irradiation by blue LEDs allowed accelerating the reaction and expanding its scope. Various functional groups were compatible including bromoaryls, iodoaryls,(More)
Alkaloid-, steroid-, biotin-, carbohydrate-, nucleoside-, and peptide-based bioconjugates are easily labeled with CO by a last-step palladium-catalyzed carbonylation. The choice of the [(12)C], [(13)C], or [(11)C] isotope opens the way to a new class of potential tracers or ligands easily available for various applications.
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