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In clinical trials sponsored by Merck the unblinded statistician is typically an employee of the company. From a pharmaceutical industry perspective, advantages of this approach include ensuring that the unblinded statistician is knowledgeable regarding the experimental treatments, therapeutic area and study objectives; that the quality of the analysis(More)
Ethereum’s smart contracts present an attractive incentive toward participating in the network. Deploying a smart contract allows a user to run a distributed application (Dapp) that includes storage, payment features, and cryptographic services all within the context of just a contract script and its layout. However, recently exploited vulnerabilities in(More)
Control and efficacy are ideally suited as "bridges" or linking constructs for social scientists working at different levels of analysis. Control and efficacy depend on the fit between individuals and the social systems in which they are embedded, and control and efficacy have measurable effects on neurotransmitter levels and endocrine responses. This(More)
This paper discusses and compares several estimators of mean rate of change in unbalanced longitudinal data based on a model with randomly distributed regression coefficients across individuals. The estimators are unweighted and weighted means of these coefficients. The paper also evaluates commonly used variance estimates corresponding to the estimators.(More)
Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair (LVHR) remains a safe, reproducible, and popular method employed by surgeons to repair abdominal wall hernias. Patient selection, operative technique, instrumentation, and implant choice all remain surgeon dependent. Inherent in the technique is the option of using mesh. The decision of where to place the mesh and how to(More)
This paper introduces "Process HJ" a new high speed, folly complementary bipolar technology suitable for low power RF applications. The process features very high frequency PNP transistors of 20GHz and NPN transistors of 30GHz, respectively. Process HJ also incorporates a foil suite of passive components and 3 levels of metal. In this paper process HJ is(More)