T. Chris Massey

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Forty patients with symptoms of internal derangement of the knee were examined arthroscopically under local anesthesia using a continuous irrigation solution of 0.2% lidocaine. Serum levels were measured during and following the procedure to determine peak levels obtained and to assure that toxic levels were not exceeded. The procedure was well tolerated by(More)
Compartment syndrome of the thigh has been sporadically reported in the orthopedic literature. A 27-year-old man with osteogenesis imperfecta sustained a femoral fracture with relatively minor trauma and subsequently developed compartment syndrome of the thigh. Fat embolism syndrome and hyperplastic callus developed postoperatively.
This paper presents specific procedures for locally refining nodal connectivity of two-dimensional unstructured triangular meshes to improve the quality of the mesh as well as to increase solution accuracy and computational speed. Details of the procedure are outlined along with a discussion of similar work, and an example problem from hydrodynamics is(More)
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