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Regional cerebral blood flow (RCBF) was measured with the [14C]iodoantipyrine technique and quantitative autoradiography in awake, restrained rats shortly after intravenous injection of heroin, naloxone or naloxone before heroin. The RCBF observed in these animals was compared to those obtained in similarly treated, saline-injected rats. In an identically(More)
Cerebral functional activity was measured as changes in distribution of the free fatty acid [1-14C]octanoate in autoradiograms obtained from rats during brief presentation of a tone previously paired to infusions of heroin or saline. Rats were trained in groups of three consisting of one heroin self-administering animal and two animals receiving yoked(More)
Brain activity was measured autoradiographically using [1-14C]octanoate (OCTO) as a fast functional tracer in rats receiving either saline, heroin or cocaine. Regional optical densities were normalized to a relative optical density index for comparisons of OCTO labeling between treatment groups. Heroin significantly increased labeling in the dentate gyrus(More)
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