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Measurements of the temperature dependence in the range from 10 C to 30 C on the passive and dynamic electrical properties of single frog muscle cell following Arrhenius relation have been made. The propagated responses (V-t) and conduction velocity theta were analyzed following the H-H propagated cable equation. The ionic current-membrane potential(More)
The equation for membrane potential (V) of the squid giant axon or some muscle cells, which is the heart of the Hodgkin-Huxley model for the action potential, can be written in three ways: first, as a partial differential equation in time and space; second, as an ordinary differential equation in time, assuming uniform wave propagation for the action(More)
Frogs Rana pipiens maintained under constant laboratory environmental conditions were subjected daily to chronic microwave exposure with pulsed microwave (2.88 GHZ) at a power density of 10 mW/cm2, during 0.1 hour, for periods up to 100 days. The whole body Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) was of 1.5 mW/g per 1 mW/cm2. The passive and dynamic electrical(More)
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