T. C. Manjunath

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A method for achieving sliding mode in uncertain systems is presented in this paper. The algorithm uses a fast output sampling control strategy that would avoid the use of switching in the control input and hence avoids chattering. This method does not need the measurement of the system states for feedback as it makes use of only the output samples for(More)
The retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) is a vital part of human visual system, which can be directly observed by the fundus camera. This paper describes a method for glaucomatous retina detection based on Texture and Fractal description, followed by classification using support vector machine classifier. The color fundus images are used, in which the region(More)
This paper investigates the development of digital image analysis method for diagnosing neovascular glaucoma. The conventional ophthalmologist approach attracts some drawbacks such as lot of human involvement that leads to inaccuracy, time consuming and chances of creeping of human errors. Hence to avoid above mentioned drawbacks, this research work is(More)
— The present paper explores a state of art for to detection of glaucoma in human eye through cup-disk segmentation & fractal dimension using image analysis. Author extracted fractal dimension feature from glaucomatous eyes for the portion of segmented cup-disk through semi variance algorithm. In the first step authors adopted Chan-vese algorithm to extract(More)
The proposed system focuses on an e-Access Control and Surveillance of Vehicles using the RFID and GSM technology. In the proposed system, it uses the RFID tags that are mounted on the windshield of the vehicle, through which unique data of the RFID tag is read by the RFID reader. The system plays a role of " Surveillance " i.e. monitoring of the vehicles(More)