T. C. Manjunath

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—This paper deals with the design of a moving sliding surface in a variable structure plant for a second order system. The chattering phenomena is also dealt with during the switching process for an unstable sliding surface condition. The simulation examples considered in this paper shows the effectiveness of the sliding mode control method used for the(More)
Active vibration control is an important problem in structures. One of the ways to tackle this problem is to make the structure smart, adaptive and self-controlling. The main objective of active vibration control is to reduce the vibration of a system by automatic modification of the system's structural response. This work features the modeling and design(More)
The retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) is a vital part of human visual system, which can be directly observed by the fundus camera. This paper describes a method for glaucomatous retina detection based on Texture and Fractal description, followed by classification using support vector machine classifier. The color fundus images are used, in which the region(More)
This paper features the modelling and design of a type of multirate output feedback based controller (Fast Output Sampling Feedback-FOS) to control the flexural vibrations of a smart flexible Timoshenko cantilever beam for a Single Input Single Output (SISO) case by retaining the first 2 dominant vibratory modes. Piezoelectric patches are bonded as sensor /(More)