T. C. Manjunath

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Active vibration control is an important problem in structures. One of the ways to tackle this problem is to make the structure smart, adaptive and self-controlling. The main objective of active vibration control is to reduce the vibration of a system by automatic modification of the system’s structural response. This work features the modeling and design(More)
This paper deals with the design & development of a theft control system for an automobile, which is being used to prevent/control the theft of a vehicle. The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on GSM technology. The designed & developed system is installed in the vehicle. An interfacing mobile is also connected to the(More)
A simulation & implementation of a shortest path from the source to the destination in the amidst of obstacles using configuration space approach both with translations & rotations is presented in this paper.  One of the most important problems in robotics is the task-planning problem. A task is a job or an application or an(More)
Inter-robot communication can be an issue, especially, if the task at hand entails carrying equipments or in the places where human safety is of great concern such as in nuclear zones, mines, etc.,. In the present work considered, it has been concentrated on designing of a interactive robot communication system between four small indigenously designed(More)
Wireless communication is based on radio signals. Traditionally, wireless applications were voicecentric and demanded only moderate data rates, while most high-rate applications such as file transfer or video streaming were wired applications. In recent years, however, there has been a shift to wireless multimedia applications, which is reflected in the(More)
This paper investigates the development of digital image analysis method for diagnosing neovascular glaucoma. The conventional ophthalmologist approach attracts some drawbacks such as lot of human involvement that leads to inaccuracy, time consuming and chances of creeping of human errors. Hence to avoid above mentioned drawbacks, this research work is(More)