T. C. Deepak Shekhar

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Ciliopathies are pleiotropic and genetically heterogeneous disorders caused by defective development and function of the primary cilium. Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) proteins localize to the base of cilia and undergo intraflagellar transport, and the loss of their functions leads to a multisystemic ciliopathy. Here we report the identification of mutations(More)
Multicore computing platforms have emerged as the most common computing platform to overcome challenges stemming from high power densities and thermal hot spots in conventional microprocessors. However, providing multiple cores does not directly translate into increased performance or better energy efficiency for most applications. The burden is placed on(More)
Video processing is computationally intensive and often has accompanying real-time or super-real-time requirements. For example, video tagging and surveillance systems need to robustly analyze video and automatically recognize the faces in real time. The semiconductor industry has shifted from increasing clock speeds to a strategy of growth through(More)
Fungi rely on regulatory networks to coordinate sensing of environmental stress with initiation of responses crucial for survival. Antifungal drugs are a specific type of environmental stress with broad clinical relevance. Small molecules with antifungal activity are ubiquitous in the environment, and are produced by a myriad of microbes in competitive(More)
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