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AIMS To describe 13 new cases of a rare soft tissue neoplasm currently known as haemosiderotic fibrohistiocytic lipomatous tumour (HFHLL) and to further its characterization. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients were eight females and five males, aged 8 months to 74 years. Lesions ranged in size from 10 to 130 mm (median 45). Twelve of 13 lesions were located in(More)
We have examined the interaction of procaine, prilocaine, lignocaine, bupivacaine, amylocaine and R(+) and S(-) ropivacaine with L-type voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels in rat cerebrocortical membranes. Membranes were prepared in Tris HCl 50 mmol litre-1, pH 7.4, by homogenization and centrifugation. Binding assays were performed in 1-ml volumes of Tris HCl(More)
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