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Thin films of J-aggregate cyanine dyes deposited by layer-bylayer (LBL) assembly exhibit exciton-polariton dynamics when incorporated in an optical microcavity. Such LBL, J-aggregate thin films can be precisely deposited in a specific location in an optical microcavity, enabling the development of previously unachievable optoelectronic devices, as for(More)
Polymer-based materials can be incorporated as the active sensing elements in chemiresistor devices. Most of these devices take advantage of the fact that certain polymers will swell when exposed to gaseous analytes. To measure this response, a conducting material such as carbon black is incorporated within the nonconducting polymer matrix. In response to(More)
The generation of neutron/gamma radiation, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), debris and shrapnel at mega-Joule class laser facilities (NIF and LMJ) impacts experiments conducted at these facilities. The complex 3D numerical codes used to assess these impacts range from an established code that required minor modifications (MCNP calculates neutron and gamma(More)
The goal of this report is to explore array design options for the Dark Ages Lunar Interferometer<lb>(DALI), which includes assessing the number and the location of stations, as well as the number<lb>of dipoles per station. We apply the algorithm of optimization of an array configuration<lb>minimizing side lobes designed by Leonid Kogan. We consider several(More)
Theoretical stimulation waveforms were implemented for bench testing on a research implantable pulse generator system for testing of safety and efficacy. The waveforms each consisted of a conditioning “pre-pulse” phase (e.g., a depolarizing pre-pulse) a stimulation phase, and a passive recharge phase. They were bench tested in a completely electronic system(More)
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From the $Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, the VResearch Service and Department of Internal Medicine, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Iowa City, Iowa 52246, and the Department of Internal Medicine, The University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa 52242, the 11(More)
Editor’s note: In an effort to help automate the inspection for lumber defects, optical scanning systems are emerging as an alternative to the human eye. Although still in its infancy, scanning technology is being explored by machine companies and universities. The following article was excerpted from “Machine Vision Systems for Grading and Processing(More)
All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs, may be quoted without explicit permission, provided that full acknowledgement is given. ABSTRACT In this paper we investigate the relationship between Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and workers' overall job satisfaction and their satisfaction with pay. To investigate these(More)