T. Blanche

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encouraged us to standardize on Python for the spike sorting and spike train analysis projects to follow. For one of us (M. Spacek), the switch to Python has made programming a much more enjoyable and productive experience, and has resulted in greatly improved programming skills. The benefi ts of Python have been extolled at length elsewhere a powerful,(More)
Electrophysiology is increasingly moving towards highly parallel recording techniques which generate large data sets. We record extracellularly in vivo in cat and rat visual cortex with 54-channel silicon polytrodes, under time-locked visual stimulation, from localized neuronal populations within a cortical column. To help deal with the complexity of(More)
The effects of a range of antidepressants were investigated on neuronal voltage-gated Na(+) and K(+) channels. With the exception of phenelzine, all antidepressants inhibited batrachotoxin-stimulated 22Na(+) uptake, most likely via negative allosteric inhibition of batrachotoxin binding to neurotoxin receptor site-2 on the Na(+) channel. Imipramine also(More)
Tremor is clinically evaluated and classified on the basis of its response to limb posture (resting, postural, and kinetic tremor), but the mechanisms underlying this powerful influence remain unclear and no satisfactory method exists to identify or quantify underlying tremor subtypes. Postural change is closely linked to changes in gravitational load. We(More)
As the computation and communication circuits we build radically miniaturize (i.e. become so low power that 1 pJ is sufficient to bang out a bit of information over a wireless transceiver; become so small that 500 &mu;m<sup>2</sup> of thinned CMOS can hold a reasonable sensor front-end and digital engine), the barrier to introducing all sorts of interfaces(More)
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